We help you build your rocket ship right from the beginning.  We don't just hand you a bunch of templates and forms.  We invest in understanding your unique team, your goals, and guide you in creating the right vehicle for your ride! 


We provide valuable strategic advice to investors and startups in structuring and negotiating critical financing rounds, from convertible notes, SAFEs, simplified series seed, or series A and beyond preferred stock financings.

intellectual Property

Your intellectual property is the cornerstone of your brand.  We guide you in creating, protecting, and maximizing value with your IP portfolio strategy throughout the world.

strategic partnerships

Your business will thrive based on the relationships you create.  We guide you in creating the right kinds of strategic partnerships and related contracts - and we make it fun.

mergers & acquisitions

Few things are as exhilarating as selling your company; or making a strategic acquisition.  We know the importance of culture-fit and giving you the best guidance and strategy to get all the right factors lined up for a successful deal.   

“We’ve been working with Brian for the past 3 years. Our team considers Brian a partner to the business.  In today’s business landscape, starting a new venture is more popular than ever, the benefit to this popularity is the collective masses are looking for new ways to simplify funding and formation.  Brian stays very current with the new trends and rigorously researches to ensure it is appropriate for the strategy you seek.  We really appreciate that Brian simplifies the process and is not an attorney looking to bury you in paperwork and complications.”       

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