Clear, transparent, upfront fixed pricing allows us to pay attention to what matters most to you.  Instead of chasing every 1/10th of an hour and keeping you "on the clock" we removed the straight jacket of time-based billing. We spend the time necessary to know you and your business, and craft legal and business solutions to provide you maximum value.
We're here to serve your needs, not ours.

No Billable Hour Burden

Clear / Transparent / Pricing



We create custom solutions for you and give you a clear, upfront price before we start. We agree with you on the value we provide to you, the scope of our services, and a fair price that you pay in exchange for the value we provide.


We have your back. We guarantee our work to your complete delight. Notwithstanding any agreement we have with you on our price, if you believe that the quality of the service we deliver does not measure up to the standard agreed at the outset, then we invite you to discuss with us how that should be reflected in the price you pay us.



For regular, ongoing access to our expertise, we will craft a package of services for you and a price level that is consistent with the level of access you desire.  Then we're yours.  You no longer need to worry about running up a clock when you call or email.  We get the job done for you on the terms we've agreed.

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