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San Diego, CA

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Our Clients Were Looking For A Different Kind Of Law Firm...

One that captures who they are. Gritty and refined. Creative and grounded. Freethinking and resolute. And always In Pursuit Of Better. So we founded Coeptus, a law firm that is unique and possesses an atmosphere that is both accessible and exclusive. We combine modern convenience with discreet, bespoke service to realize our most important role – trusted advisor.


we are Focused on your growth and your success.

Who We Are

Our Firm

We represent private companies and investors on transactional matters from formation to exit, emphasizing proactive advice, risk management, and value creation. We work with clients who, like us, value personal relationships and trust. We foster those relationships and build trust by taking a different approach to law that is better aligned with our clients' interests.

Who We Work With

Our Clients

Our clients include startups, small and lower middle market businesses, solopreneurs, and investors.  They embody the quintessential California lifestyle and embrace casual sophistication. But for them, business is anything but usual. It's an opportunity to pursue passion and purpose in order to solve problems, fulfill needs, or inspire ways of life. Their businesses, or the businesses they invest in, encompass industries like technology, consumer products, lifestyle brands, food and beverage, and business and professional services.

“What I look for in a startup attorney: Silicon Valley startup experience, highly knowledgeable, community-based, entrepreneurial, and founder-focused. I found all these in Brian Dirkmaat.”



What We Do

Our Services

Coeptus provides transactional representation and outside general counsel, as well as legal service subscriptions and packages. Our practice areas include, starting a business, financing a business, protecting intellectual property, managing employee and other service provider relationships, managing commercial relationships, managing equity holder relationships, corporate governance and compliance, and liquidity and exit events.

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