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We offer more than the best technical legal advice. We are your thought partners, providing strategic business and legal solutions to help you achieve your goals.


Magic happens when you feel the fear and self-doubt that we all feel, and commit to a new venture anyway.  We guide you on that journey.

We represent the game changers; those who think outside the box.



“Brian is one of the go-to attorneys for Tech Coast Angels - San Diego and he’s consistently delivered top-notch, cost-efficient counsel and agreements for many of our largest deals. Brian is truly dedicated to the startup community and he is a very pleasant, thoughtful and knowledgeable leader. I am always confident working with Brian and referring him to my most valued contacts.”  

“What I look for in a startup attorney: Silicon Valley startup experience, highly knowledgeable, community-based, entrepreneurial, and founder-focused. I found all these in Brian Dirkmaat.”  

“Liz and I have been working with Brian now since 2006 - well before Liz's first book Multipliers came out. Brian is not only a great lawyer but a great business consultant and trusted advisor. He’s helped us grow and crafted many many contracts including, HR issues, IP, license agreements, trademark, partnership agreements and our Trainer License agreements (TLA’s). One of the things that makes him so great is he’ll explain things in layman’s terms and help us come up with win-win contracts and agreements. And, he’s a really nice guy. Even when he’s on vacation, if we call, he picks up the phone. That’s the kind of lawyer he is. We hope you get the opportunity to work with him and his firm.”



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